Charge Amplifiers

Rack Mount Charge Amplifier

CA1800: Rack-mount Multiple Channel Charge Amplifier

This precision test cell, rack-mounted accelerometer charge amplifier provides up to eight (8) channels of precision charge amplification for accelerometers and other charge mode devices.
41CA: Dual Channel Rugged Charge Amplifier

41CA: Dual Channel Rugged Charge Amplifier

The 41CA two channel charge amplifier is used to convert accelerometer charge signals into voltage signals. Converted signals are then easily used by the PBS-4100 family of vibration analyzers.
PBS Charge Amplifier - Model 55CA

55CA: Single Channel Rugged Charge Amplifier

Each 55CA Charge Amplifier provides one (1) channel of charge amplification, and provides a buffered acceleration output signal as well as an integrated (velocity) signal output. Both single ended and differential outputs are provided.