Fiber Optic Systems

MTI-2100 Fotonic Sensor

Fiber Optic MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor

The MTI-2100 features advanced fiber-optic non-contact sensor using reflectance electronic technologies for precise measurements of displacement, active vibration control, position, and distance for dynamic measurement in cryogenic, vacuum | high pressure, or in a high magnetic field or harsh environment.
Fotonic Plug-in Module

Fotonic Plug-in Module

Sensitive fiber optic measurement sensors for nanomotion and vibration measure dynamic edge position, displacement, and vibration at frequencies up to 500 kHz. The unique fiber optic probe design can accommodate a wide range of target reflectivity or shape, making it ideal for wide variety of applications such as ultrasonic horn vibration or Piezoelectric materials studies.


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MTI Instruments offers large measurement range and standoff distance fiber-optic measurement sensors and probes that provide ultra-sensitive linear output response. Our modular (interchangeable) non-contact fiber optic sensors systems have dual channel that enables the user to make simultaneous measurements. Our fiber optic probes are designed to automatically compensate large changes in reflectivity making it possible to monitor dynamic reflectance of up to 100:1 making it ideal for measuring vibration of ultrasonic horns, modal analysis of disk drive suspension, displacement and timing of fuel injectors and lateral motion measurements.